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A.P. from
Tucson, AZ.

I LOVE this store! And on top of that it's a nice convenient Central location.

They have great pieces of furniture and I love the selection. Both times I've been in here I was treated well with good customer service (this is very important to me because it seems so hard to find good customer service nowadays and I really appreciated being treated so well and like they actually wanted me in the store as their customer.)

We bought only one item but it's beautiful and I LOVE IT and get compliments on it often from friends-- I actually wish I could buy more furniture just so I could support this store, but unfortunately we've already got too much stuff in the house. That's my biggest regret about this store-- is that I really want to purchase more furniture from these guys but we've already got everything we need in the house...!

However, if I need any more furniture in the future I will definitely be visiting these guys again. They will be my number one stop.

Love the quality, love the selection, love the creativity and multi-functionality of the pieces (as in many pieces can be used for more than one purpose), love the prices, and really like the customer service.

This is one of the better furniture stores in town in my opinion and a true gem. I wish all "mom and pop" stores were this awesome.

Can't wait to go back and buy something from these guys again!

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Sid M. from
Tucson, AZ.

I've had great experiences with the store. I highly recommend their back-of-the-store stock, but even without that their selection is nice. If you want the best experience, go next door to Bakers furniture, see how expensive it is, and then swing by Oak and More. It's refreshing not to get harassed at a furniture store (e.g. Sam Levitz, Ashley). In fact, I've walked in, checked on prices on items I am keeping a tab on (dining room chairs!), and never felt pressured while I'm there.

Swing by, give Oak and More a look over, and see for yourself.

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Lynne S. from
Green Valley, AZ.

My husband and I recently stopped by Oak and More on our way home, after a day of frustration in our search for an oak entertainment center. We were bowled over by the many choices presented to us as we wandered through the abundant inventory. The owner of the store, Jesse Odegaard, was very helpful and patient with us, and presented us with colorful pictures of the furniture we were contemplating. Additionally, he made cardboard templates of the furniture for us to take home inorder to see if it would fit in our livingroom. We could not have been more delighted with the service he provided. We did place our order, which came as promised......on time and beautiful.(and fairly priced), In our opinion, our experience at Oak and More could not have been better.

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